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“Dale certainly was the hero when it came to my deck. I had a plan in my head and a little bit on paper, certainly didn’t understand the difficulties a project like this would have. Despite taking over my poorly planned project he was able to make good idea into a wonderful realization. Dale worked tirelessly to accomplish the deck project. What felt like a compromise to us to meet our budget ended up being the beautiful addition to our home”.     


"I hired Dale to paint our house after seeing his work on a friend's house. What I appreciated most about Dale was his promptness and ability to understand the customer's requirements. His knowledge is tremendous and his work ethic is great. Our house was a real chore for Dale as the paint was pealing and there was water damage. He pressured washed the house and took care of the pealing. The house was painted in about 4 days and no mess to clean up. I would recommend Dale to anyone."


"Do you want your door installed or do you want it installed right? Our homes renovation among other things includes 5 sets of double hung closet doors and many single hung doors. We have done much of the renovation ourselves and after struggling to get a set of interior French doors installed we reluctantly agreed that we needed to call Frank Lumber "The Door Store" in Marysville; where we had purchased our doors. Humbled, we asked them for a recommendation for a door installer. We selected Dale Burreson of Snohomish Carpentry, not only due to his background but other contractors spoke of his good reputation. Our door project was challenging as the walls or floors of our 1960 tri-level home were no longer square. I was onsite every day watching the work and suddenly developed a true respect for doors specialist when it came to hanging and trimming them. After my experience and being a happy client of Snohomish Carpentry, I took my pictures to Frank Lumber and showed them the work. Each door had been individually fine tuned before moving on to the next one. The craftsman style trim Dale installed around the door was precise and beautiful. Most contractors don't have time to give doors the attention they require. Sadly, doors are put in place and the worker moves on quickly to other construction tasks. Doors require patience and understanding of them to achieve that perfect effortless click of their latches. Years prior I had another contractor install a set of exterior patio doors. Due to what I perceived to be manufacturing issues I contacted Codel Doors who inspect the doors. Their representative had 12-years experience and his multiple measurements showed the contractor had poorly installed the door. The patio doors top latch hole on the passive door for securing from swinging freely - is not pre drilled by the factory. The hole is drilled onsite by the contractor. Ours latch hole was been drilled off center thus leaning against the door is the only way to get the bolt aligned so it slides up into the hole of the frame. The inspection also showed there were installation issues on the second door after it was closed. The contractor has not shown up per my requests and I can only assume he is swinging a hammer and his attention is on his other multi faceted construction projects. Out of frustration I have turned to Snohomish Carpentry to remedy the door issues as I want my door installed right."



"It has been hard to find skillful and trust worthy professionals to help with the miscellaneous work that needs to be done in my house after my tenants moved out. Dale was God-sent! He is skillful in a wide range of projects and has a creative mind. He went above and beyond to help me find the most cost-effective solutions to get all the problems solved and stay within my budget. He is honest, reliable and easy to work with. My experience with his services has been smooth every single time from the first phone call through to project completion. Two thumbs up!!! I highly recommend his services!!!"



Dale will certainly get the job done on time on budget. This is coming from an insurance executive who handle homeowner claims. 

Eric.  W

A while back I needed some help with a pantry, and French Doors were at the top of my list so I started asking at Frank’s Lumber the Door Store concerning the job. They didn’t install their products but had a list of local contractors. The sales person I talked to stared a couple of names and then pointed to Dale’s name & said that is the one he would call, and I did.

Dale meet with me, saw what I was looking for and started asking questions. Such as… what I wanted & how I wanted it to look and work, then we viewed, photos. We talked about types of materials and what the negative and positives of these products would be. We discussed cost and time factor. I was on a budget so he also discussed different ideas of what could same me money. (Getting what I want and saving money is always a good thing.) There were many more questions than I had given thought too.

He worked up an estimate; we agreed, and signed the contract.

My pantry is highly functional, blends well with the flow of my 35 year old kitchen, and truly is a work of art.

The next spring he came back & painted my house and revamped my front porch.

The last and maybe the best, we started the “question & planning phase” of building a gate for my front to my back yard. I didn’t want just a gate, I wanted something that would draw you in and make you wonder what would be on the other side, something truly out of the ordinary. Once again Dale put both time and energy into the research and development of a gate that would add true beauty but also stand up to the test of time.

I started my projects with the trust of a local, long time business who referred me to Dale, but after the first project knew that he would be fair and dependable in giving me both product and his time. You can’t do better than someone that gives you their best in both knowledge and workmanship. Dale did just that for me.

Lee S

Dale was prompt, kind and did a wonderful job creating a new heat register in my living room. Dale explained every process, supplies needes and how much time he would need to complete the job, As I am a single income and the timing was right before the holidays Dale allowed me to make "payments" to him to pay his labor. Now my living room is warm and cozy!  I have recommended Dale to my friends. Thank you Dale for your services and when money allows I have more projects for you.

Pam H. 

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